Top Benefits of Commercial Leasing Services

By salford

When it comes to finding the perfect place for your business, you have two main options – to buy or to lease. Both are valid options and each comes with its own benefits and potential drawbacks. Today we’re focusing on why leasing may be the best choice for your business, and how our commercial leasing services can help! 

When leasing a property for your business, you rent the space for a set term, after which you must renegotiate if you would like to continue utilizing the property. When compared to purchasing a property, leasing comes with more flexibility in terms of not being tied to one location long-term (commercial leases generally run from 5 to 10 years.) It’s also oftentimes easier to qualify for a lease than a commercial real estate loan, giving you more options in the market. Beyond increased flexibility, other benefits of commercial leasing include:

Fixed Monthly Costs

When you’re leasing a property, you typically won’t be on the hook for the costs associated with building maintenance, repair, or other upkeep measures. You will know what to expect each month in terms of costs without worrying about unanticipated repairs or maintenance.  Leases can be structured in multiple ways but a full service or plus E lease will provide you with fixed costs versus a NNN lease where you are paying the pro rata share of all expenses.  

Increased Liquidity

When leasing a property, you’re tying up significantly less capital as you are not required to make a down payment on the space. That being said, expect to pay fees upfront to cover an attorney, broker, inspection(s,) and a security deposit. 

Tax Incentives

You may deduct these costs as incurred: Lease payments, property insurance, property taxes (depending on the lease type), utilities and maintenance. You can deduct your entire lease payment, whereas you can only deduct the interest of a mortgage.

Vista Holding’s Commercial Leasing Services

Locally owned and operated in Dallas, Texas, Vista Holdings specializes in commercial real estate. Our services include property management, commercial leasing services, maintenance and customer service, investment sales, and property accounting. Our agency leasing team provides landlords, property owners, and investment groups with specialized, need-driven servicing processes and extensive market knowledge.

If you’re in the process of looking for an office space to lease for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us or browse our full list of available properties.

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