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At Vista Holdings, we provide tailored strategies, services, and solutions on a national scale to clients in a multitude of industries and across many cities. Our property management team specializes in office, industrial, and retail projects delivering a broad spectrum of resources and years of expertise. We are proud to provide an average of 15% in savings in landlord operating expenses.

Our extensive and collective experience allows us to address building and tenant needs efficiently and with minimal disruption. Here at Vista Holdings LLC, we believe in fostering total collaboration, providing superior commercial property management services, and allowing our team to customize the solution based on project objectives.


For a look into our day-to-day operations, here is an extensive list of the scope of services that our property management team handles from an operational side:

  Handle and respond to all tenant calls within a reasonable time frame.
  Provide professional maintenance service by uniformed maintenance personnel or by qualified vendor representatives.
  Inspect all spaces regularly to ensure that quality standards are met.
  Perform routine building repair and maintenance services (plumbing, mechanical, electrical).
  Provide preventive maintenance for all building systems.
  Perform comprehensive building and property reviews once each month.
  Assign a customer service representative to field all requests for maintenance services and dispatch the appropriate personnel.
  Competitively bid on all third-party service contracts, building materials, and supplies, taking advantage of economies of scale when possible.
  Monitor performance quality levels of all service vendors.
  Conduct property inspections on a regular basis to verify compliance.
  Communicate all significant issues to the owner.

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