Tips for Leasing an Industrial Space

By salford

Real estate transactions can be daunting, especially if you feel unprepared. Going in with some base knowledge of the industry and knowledge of common terminology could make leasing an industrial space easier. These are a few tips to use when leasing an industrial space. 

Check the HVAC

An industrial space may not have HVAC in the entire building. Or they could have a system that can’t keep the building a comfortable temperate all day. Ensure the building you are leasing meets the temperature needs of your operations. If upgrades or repairs are needed, you may need to negotiate those into the terms of your lease. 

Know Your Equipment

Ensure the ceilings are high enough to accommodate your equipment and warehouse shelving. You should also check that the floors are strong enough to support the weight of your machinery, workers, and onsite storage. 

What type of doors do you need?

Your industrial space needs a proper entrance or dock that suits the need of your business. You may need an overhead door or two. There are different types of industrial space doors, such as rolling doors or even a drive-up dock. Make sure the door type fits your needs, as industrial doors have a greater need than a standard garage door typically provides.

Does Safety and Security fit your Needs?

Is the space in full compliance to keep your employees safe? It is essential to make sure the area is up to date with the most current health and safety standards. 

Does it work for your Employees?

Does your space have enough parking for your operations and your employees? Before committing to a property, ensure there is enough space for both. Is the location remote? Will it be too much commuting for future employees? These are all things to consider when leasing your new industrial space. 

Is it enough space?

The warehouse might be big enough for operations, but do you need office space? If you need onsite storage, ensure there is enough space for day-to-day operations and enough stacking space for storage. 

Check the Zoning Rules and Regulations

When you find a space, check that your industrial operations are within zoning rules and regulations and that the space you are considering is zoned for the intended use. 

We hope this helps you feel more prepared to lease an industrial space for your company. If you are looking to lease a commercial space or are a commercial property owner who would like to work with an honest, upfront, and experienced commercial real estate firm, please don’t hesitate to contact us or browse our complete list of available properties.


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